cursives: last minute gifts for valentine’s day

i don’t usually gear up too much for valentine’s day. our anniversary is in february so that’s our big special thing, and really even before i was married or even dating anyone, i just wasn’t all that into the big day — except of course for the treats (i made a ton of these last night), the card giving (especially as a kid with those valentine boxes) and a few little presents. my mom was always great, and always got me something a little special, a little unusual and it was always the perfect thing.   now that i’m the mum, i’m trying my best to keep up with tradition, picking out just the right little something (s. is getting his favorite car in pink, and k will be getting the box of jokes she has her heart set on if i can just find it.

on a recent visit to grand central terminal, i checked out cursive which had gotten some good reviews to see what they might have. though i didn’t expect much (they are in a semi-mall after all), i was definitely impressed.  cursive really had a lot of very cute and interesting things, and plenty of great gift ideas especially for valentine’s day.   some of my favorites included the metallic journals above, as well as the elizabeth w. rose sachets (every woman i know can always use another sachet, especially one in such nice linen packaging).   cursive had some cute little bird call whistles as well as some useful and stylish acrylic boxes in bold colors like fuchsia and turquoise. 

cursive also had a small selection of great cards from some great graphic artists including night owl paper goods, dutch door press and letterspace.  they also had vintage style valentine cards,  little journals by albertine press, and travel journals by paper+cup.   in addition to the midtown location, cursive also has an outpost at abc home, another great emporium for super gifts in case you need more selection.  cursive,  grand central terminal, lexington passage, 212.867.5550; and abc home, 888 broadway between 18th and 19th streets, 646.602.3806, manhattan, new york.

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