silver moon bakery: the place for bread up town


 though it’s only been open since 2000, silver moon bakery definitely feels like an institution and ask anyone who lives even vaguely nearby this is the place to go to get your bread fix.  while i’ve never been that impressed with their sweets (though some people claim they’re great), i have loved silver moon’s boules, baguettes, ciabattas and challahs.  what’s particularly appealing is the tremendous variety silver moon offers though they don’t always have this full selection so be ready to be flexible. 

in wheat bread alone, they have whole wheat, rasin walnut, multi-grain, wheatberry, fig and pepper bread and health bread for the health nuts around.   other breads include a lovely, airy yet chewy baguette, a sourdough rye, a 7 1/2 percent white bread (not sure exactly what that is but it tastes good) and what looks amazing an apricot-hazelnut parisienne.  i also am super fond of  their old fashioned super soft and hard to find dinner rolls — if allowed, i could probably live on those for ages stuffed with high-end butter, cheeses or even just peanut butter.  silver moon can be packed so expect to come at odd hours, or wait in line (the service unfortunately is not always terribly friendly and can definitely feel rushed).  silver moon bakery, 2740 broadway at 105th street, manhattan, new york, 212.866.4717.

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  1. margy says:

    mmmmm . . . I’m getting hungry!

  2. eg says:

    some of their sweets are lovely … especially the fruit tarts and key lime tart in the summer.

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