taipan bakery: when only the tart is needed

i do love the egg custard tarts at the end of a dim sum meal, and depending on how flaky, how warm, and how eggy they are, they are a make or break deal for me on the success  of the meal.  and since i’m not always in the mood for dim sum, and don’t tend to like the manhattan or brooklyn places (usually, i trek out to queens for a proper dim sum meal), i was happy to find multiple recommendations for the taipan bakery and their excellent egg custard tarts.  make sure to get the tarts fresh out of the oven. don’t expect anything resembling service or friendliness.  and be super glad that this place is so super accessible. someday i hope to do an egg custard tart tasting (starting with all of these spots) but that has to wait for another day after i finally do my long planned brooklyn croissant tasting which hopefully will happen this summer.  taipan bakery, 194 canal street between mulberry and mott streets, manhattan, new york, 212.732.2222.

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