nancy koltes: still here, still gorgeous

for the past 10 or so years, i made a yearly pre-christmas pilgrimage (if not more frequently) to the cozy nancy koltes shop at the corner of spring and mulberry streets. tucked underground, nancy koltes was filled with great little treasures with a fantastic small but perfect selection of the silkiest nightgowns, the softest p.j.s and the cutest mens’ sleeping outfits. they had high design, highly usable dishware, the best placemats ever (we still use ours every day), addictive soaps and candles and even a few perfect toys.   oh, and they used to have some excellent sales.   so when i discovered maybe a year and a half ago, of course when i was desperate for some last minute gifts, nancy koltes had closed its doors i was not a happy camper.

this year, i discovered that returned  — hooray — not quite in the format of the shop that i loved — but some essential items remain, and there is always hope that the shop will return in all its glory.   for now, i’m quite happy with the fact that nancy koltes (she is in fact a real person, and i was very excited to actually get to meet her  for the first time on my latest visit) is here.  she continues to produce her absolutely exquisite linens working with her factories in italy (what a rough life).  in the works now is a new hotel line, more prints, and new towels (we have a set from her that i hope never to give up with vibrant oranges, reds and greens — and though the combo sounds crazy they are beautiful).  and while most of her current work is geared for wholesale customers, she is open for some retail.  fortunately, she’s also still producing some of her classic loungewear, and the shop carries a few of her other favorite makers as well like eberjey and boca terry.

and my absolute favorite kind of wedding gift is here, the perfect throw.  nancy koltes has this knack for finding the most gorgeous ones — the italian cecchi e cecchi, the new zealand stansborough and the american pur cashmere.  so while she’s back, i don’t recommend just dropping in — the hours at this not quite retail shop are not as regular or long, so you’ll want to make sure it’s open, and you might even get to meet nancy!  nancy koltes, 900 broadway at 19th street, suite 201, manhattan, new york, 800.643.1755.

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