four & twenty blackbirds: pie, pie and more pie!

sometimes, luck turns my way, and when i heard a new pie and coffee shop was opening right across the street from my office i jumped for joy!  my office is located just a block from the canal in gowanus in an old sweater factory.  the building has plenty of charm, and in the summer time plenty of stench but  lots of light and i do love our view of the f train as it rumbles very the tracks.   the major downside  has been, until now, absolutely nowhere to eat within a 10 minute walk.  we have to venture over to 5th avenue (not too many lunch options there) or over to carroll gardens (which while frankies is great this is not a realistic daily walk).   so imagine my excitement when we had a real coffee shop, with real espresso and great coffee (irving farm), and an added bonus is pie!  quite the treat.

the pies are slices of heaven.  my all time favorite so far is the salted caramel apple.  the crust is fantastic, crisp, flaky and buttery, and the inside salt helps to real cut that sweetness among the stacks of apple slices.   i’ve also tried a few of the chocolate pies which seem to appear in different varieties – the chocolate is dark, not sweet at all and probably could benefit from some creme fraiche or even just plain whipped cream.  other varieties that have appeared thus far on the menu include an apple pear rose, farmers cheese,  rhubarb and custard and a chess pie.  i really wont’t be able to resist this  four & twenty blackbirds midafternoon treat once those summer fruits start appearing i think.

oh, and i forgot to mention the best part — breakfast.  the cappuccino’s are excellent (and i’m not just saying that because my hubbie has been doing a barista gig here for a few hours on the weekends — i actually haven’t had his professional coffee. i hope it’s up to snuff and am nudging him to work on his foam art!).   the treats are so much more fun than the usual croissants and scones.  instead four & twenty blackbirds has the best filling meal — egg in a nest. baked in a muffin tin, the egg is set at the bottom with cheese, and topped with a slightly sweet biscuit. the combo works just fine. if i knew for sure they would be on offer i don’t think i’d eat breakfast at home again.  four & twenty blackbirds also has breakfast cakes (a recent one was fig and almonds), a smattering of cookies and fresh fruit.  coming soon (we hope very soon) some light lunch items. then really we will be in heaven.   four & twenty blackbirds, 439 third avenue at 8th street, brooklyn, new york, 718.499.2917.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Okay – I definitely need to check this one out this weekend. This is like pie-lovers porn! A detour from the diet plan.

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