root stock and quade: a good mama day option

root, stock & quade was our first flower find when we moved out to the slope, and it was definitely a good one. their arrangements were really lovely — the tight, small bunches with stunning, unusual flowers that seem now to be the rage (or at least have been for a while). about two years ago, root, stock & quade abandoned us and moved to fort greene (park slope still needs a great florist – any flower people listening out there ), and they’ve been thriving at their new location just up from the park near pratt.

when visiting a few weeks back, root, stock & quade was in fine form with belles of ireland, local tulips, lilacs, peonies and shockingly bright yellow washington daffodils. a mother’s day menu should be posted sometime this week just in case you’re trying to find a good flower spot for the all important mama (if only they shipped to the great salt lake).

in addition to flowers, root, stock & quade also focuses quite a bit on the green in things. the shop stocks some gorgeous aloe plant succulents and they have a little garden in the back with different kinds of plants and shrubs (the lilacs are blooming now). root, stock & quade also is devoted to creating urban gardens in whatever space is available. for those in need, they give growing guidance and i think three very sad, droopy looking, tiny plants at the moment need to be brought in tout de suite. now i just need to understand why fort greene gets all the good flower shops! root stock & quade, 471 myrtle avenue between washington avenue and hall street, brooklyn, new york, 718.230.8081.

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