about glamour: forward fashion cheap!

thanks to sweet william’s founder bronagh staley, i discovered this vast vintage shop full of all sorts of treasures in williamsburg this spring.   mostly, i was taken with all their knicknacks and little japanese toys, stickers, packaging tape (the cherries, donkeys and dogs were calling my name) and notebook after notebook (i do have something about those).   though i have no idea what i would do with these, i really wanted to stock up on as many vivienne westwood handkerchiefs as i could — maybe the hint of a little mushroom coming to visit s’s nose would stop this very determined 3-year old from using his fingers!

about glamour also has a tremendous selection of funky, interesting clothes for men and women which is great with its emphasis on japanese-inspired styles so you can get something just a little bit different, and more interesting.  they get frequent shipments, rotate their stuff and all around it’s a good place to check out every now and then.

and don’t forget accessories. about glamour has tons of hats, scarves, shoes and especially a huge inventory of tights and socks — maybe not so necessary now that the weather is again turning back to the spring i love but a good place to remember when fall rolls around many many months from now. about glamour, 107-a n. 3rd street between wythe avenue and berry street, brooklyn, 718.599.3044.

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