miks: simple japanese fashion

i hope you all aren’t getting too tired of clothing shops. i know i’ve been doing a lot lately (and one more lovely to come tomorrow) so sorry about the lack of variety but i want to make sure that i get out the photos in a timely way, that is you’re seeing spring clothes when there’s still a bit of chill in the air, and we haven’t yet moved to full-on summer. my latest shop is miks, a little teeny tiny quite affordable shop in the lower east side that has been around for ten years. most of miks clothes are imported from japan, and i’m particularly partial to the style — simple, clean cuts, not too frilly or fancy, and definitely not super trendy. these are things i could see wearing for a few years. pretty basic colors, but everything is well made, and there are lots of cute tops that would work for work or weekend wear.

on my visit a few weeks ago, miks had a great classic but fun navy trench coats, a blue and white cotton sweater, striped vests, big oversized cotton shirts in navy, red and brown and adorable silk shirts or frilly ones that would be perfect to tuck under a more “corporate” jacket. for the younger, or racier set (not me, that is, even if i were younger), miks had some tiny mini black cotton skirts as well as some short flouncy khaki shorts.

miks also has some handy accessories. light weight scarves to dress anything up, various caps and a little bit of jewelry too. the miks shop girls always seem to be japanese making it feel a bit more like maybe the shops in a back alley in tokyo rather than the lower east side. miks, 100 stanton street at ludlow street, manhattan, new york, 212.505.1982.

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