interview with bilgin turker of fred flare

hello, everyone, i am here.   it’s been super hectic at home and at work so squeezing in my posts has been a wee bit challenging. it doesn’t help that i collapse into bed at 9:30 p.m.  hmmmm, how to stay up later and not be tired is my never answered question.  so getting back into the groove, first off is this interview, and later today will be an update on my brooklyn eating challenges.

for fun, fred flare is the best shop ever. although they have an excellent website, it is definitely more enjoyable to check out their very lively greenpoint shop.  i was happy to hear that fred flare’s manager, bilgin turker would share some of her favorite spots in the borough with lots of finds in greenpoint as well as a few trips into manhattan.    bilgin lives in brooklyn heights and she’s clearly obsessed about food although she also writes for fun, knows how to hip hop dance, and plays the drums.  and given that bilgin gets most of her wardrobe there, i think i might have to go by fred flare more often for clothes as they do have a nice, very affordable collection.   thanks so much bilgin.


for a wardrobe pick-me-up?

i work at the fred flare shop and i have to say we always have something to pick any wardrobe up. i think i own everything. no joke.

how to make sure you’re invited back and where do you get it?

even if your intentions are good and you want to help clean up after a party, never, ever put liquid hand soap in a friends dishwasher, especially if you have never used a dishwasher before. that just recently happened to my friend. bubbles everywhere! to quickly remedy that you can always show up with maybe a bottle of wine, exotic olive oil or extra paper towels.  dandelion wine has a great selection of vino.  heights chateau which is in my hood (brooklyn heights), has a great selection too. all you do is walk into the place and it’s like they have the bottle of wine waiting for you.  i love going to sahadi’s on atlantic ave for olive oil and nuts. there is so much yummy stuff there!

the best for snail mail greetings?

kate’s paperie and house of cards.

where to get something to beg for forgiveness?

well it depends on how much forgiveness you need. if it’s something light, a gorgeous cupcake from cupcake cafe.  if it’s heavy, patience and a well thought apology might certainly apply.

a place to bring happiness to the under 10 set?

brooklyn botanical garden.

if you’re feeling green?

farmer’s market anywhere!

if you don’t want to get him an ipad?

an awesome dinner at les halles. you can even share it!

if the registry isn’t for you?

set up a flickr page of all the things you want, need from anywhere. friends can comment if they bought it for you. then you can save the pix and make a cool photo album. i totally recommend this for birthdays too.

where to go to get something to cheer you up?

fred flare definitely. you walk in and smile. it’s a fact!

what’s the most dangerous shop for you to visit?

believe it or not, yet again fred flare. i work here and it’s quite dangerous. i can easily blow my whole check on any new merch that comes in. i am sucker for thrift shops as well. i can also do major damage at sahadi’s. never met a stilton cheese i didn’t like.


best french fries?

hmmmm- that’s a hard one.

where to go (restaurant-wise) on your staycation and feel like you’ve left the country?

pacifico in cobble hill. just eat and drink at the bar and order the baby back ribs, yucca fries and margaritas. you will be set!

where to take a blind date?

yuck i hate blind dates.

what about the second date?

loki- i love the vibe of this place and if the date is not going great you can people watch.

best place to gab with friends?

keg & lantern – 50 cent beers, card games and endless gabbing and laughing!  the levee – they serve cheese balls!! you don’t know how many bowls i’ve gone through!!!

where to take an omnivore?

pasita in the west village.

a locavore?

eat which is right across the street from fred flare! real comfy yummy food. nice peeps too!

favorite spot for a killer cocktail?

my kitchen. my husband makes a killer gin & tonic and bloody mary!

what dish is in your dreams?

there was a place in the chinese takeout place in the city that made something called creaky chicken. it sounds weird, but it was soooo good. i’ve never had anything like it again. :(

where do you satisfy your sweet tooth?

peter pan bakery.

any place worth waiting in line for?

hmmm- i hate waiting in line for anything. if i had to, i would wait in line for peter pan donuts.

where to go when you can’t be bothered to cook?

pete’s waterfront ale house in brooklyn. it’s our home away from home. i think i eat from their at least twice a week.  atlantic avenue chip shop.  love the ploughman’s salad. stilton and branston pickle! the best!

where to head post hangover?

any great neighborhood diner.

place with the best buzz, caffeine that is?

oren’s daily roast! the best coffee ever!

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