iris cafe: sunny sandwiches and tasty treats

we have found a new favorite spot to lounge around in the mornings, and it’s in a most surprising location — brooklyn heights, the brooklyn neighborhood with maybe the least appealing amenities in terms of shops and food (other than of course the fantastic architecture, gorgeous streets and amazing views). iris café is located off in one of the beautiful corners of brooklyn heights, in a lovely space with huge windows facing southeast letting lots of sun in in the morning time. the lovely room (high ceilings, wood plank tables) is fairly spacious for a brooklyn spot, which helps when the place is packed. iris café has a nice, diverse menu with lots on it.

first off, the iris café cinnamon roll was really excellent. warm, soft (no raisins, a bonus for me), and just a touch of sweetness. i gobbled that thing down. we also had some eggs and soldiers (hard for that to be bad of course), and then a tasty new york cheddar and avocado sandwich. their stumptown coffee was pretty good too. if we lived closer, i would be here all the time with sandwich options like the roast beef with chimichurri, horseradish and tomato or the tuna with olive oil, hard egg and pickled green beans. iris cafe also has a rotating special of soups. ours that sunday was pozole pork hominy.

iris café also carries some market staples that i can’t wait to try like their gerald jerkey, maple hill yogurt and in case i can’t make it to the greenmarket some farm fresh eggs. the only downside was the place was a little chaotic, and the service had a not such nice edge to it. hopefully, all the press won’t make that worse, but regardless we’ll be back soon. iris café, 20 columbia place between joralemon street and atlantic avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.722.7395.

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