the upper rust: antiques for the novice

upper rust ceramic balls

i have never been an “antique” person, or someone who likes to go to flea markets and i really don’t like sorting through lots of mediocre stuff.  i am sure i grew up way too obsessed with newness and bright shiny plastic.  or maybe it was because in salt lake there really wasn’t much in the antiques department.  however, somehow, for some reason, my views towards vintage furniture are slowly changing.  in my current obsession with vintage glass, i think that the upper rust has a lot to do with my new found appreciation for the old and lovely. 

upper rust bottle mirror

since i first visited the upper rust this summer, i have not been able to stop obsessing over their goods.  i am particularly entranced with all the glass apothecary jars.  i have been wanting containers for all my sugars, flours, salts and things, and am just not so happy with the standard plastic stuff i’m currently using and which i’ve had for ages (this is a very large hint by the way!). and the upper rust’s collection of jars is so lovely that i would be more than happy to have at least a few of them out on the counter even though i tend to like sparseness.  it doesn’t hurt that the prices are not bad at all ranging from $25 for the smaller ones to maybe $50 or $75 for the biggest sizes (and those are the ones with such great detailing).

upper rust bottles

the upper rust is packed with goodies both inside and out on the sidewalk, but somehow the shop feels very organized. it’s easy to see all the tags, and the costs, and there are nice groupings of frames, ceramics, and silver items.   in addition to the jars, the upper rust carries some vintage cooking gear including star cake molds and pie wooden cooking racks.   on my recent visit, they had an asiatic pheasant plate set, and a number of other sets of dishes as well as plenty of votives and other lighting.

upper rust star

other more random items included vintage wooden spools for $2 each (it just seems i should come up with a use for those), as well as those ceramic balls in the top photo.   they also had a vintage juggling set for $235, a set of 15 jacks for $15 and my favorite — child’s spectator cowboy boots which were so cute.   and if you’re in need of christmas decor, the upper rust has some beautiful amber etched ornaments and a fantastic kitschy pink frosted christmas tree from the 1960s.  even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth a visit this time of the year as this place is seriously decked out in holiday decor.  the upper rust, 445 east 9th street between 1st avenue and avenue a, manhattan, new york, 212.533.3953.

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  1. I’m coming to NYC in the New Year for a shopping trip, and your site is proving really useful! Thank you. I love browsing through flea markets, and have a flat filled with my finds. Eclectic is great if it’s not too ‘junky’, and I love the bottles you’ve found.

  2. cherrypatter says:

    great. so glad it’s helpful, and i think the upper rust is a really nicely edited store. have a great visit.

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