wings at bonnie’s grill: spicy, cheap and filling


i am not a buffalo style chicken wing expert (and there are lots of opinions on this topic: see here and here for starters).  nonetheless i think i can wholeheartedly recommend the wings from bonnie’s grill in park slope.   bonnie’s wings show up regularly on the wing rankings, and so i’m pretty sure i like them not just because they are a couple blocks from our apartment.  

as for my reasons.   first, these wings are very very spicy.  even the mild is pretty spicy so only if you really can bear the hottest of hot get the “hot.”  second, the sauce itself is tasty, tangy and there is always plenty of it.  third, there is a good mix of drumsticks and wings. personally i prefer the drumsticks but the wings here are pretty good (pretty juicy as far as wings go, and rarely dry and crackly).  fourth, and most importantly, the bones have a decent meat to bone ratio and some nice crisp skin.   we tend to visit bonnie’s for these wings a little too often for our own good, but when i’m hungry and tired they make a pretty good cheap dinner (i try to make those carrots count as my veggie).   bonnie’s grill, 278 5th avenue near 1st street, brooklyn, new york, 718,369.9527.

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