little buddy: satisfying wintery spice

welcome back march!  very happy to see you. well, not really that happy, but i’ll be really happy when march is over and spring can begin in earnest. our weekend went by in a flash as usual, and with the new dog and other craziness we didn’t get out to queens which was high on my list, but given our schedule i think everyone is grateful i postponed that trip.  our packed weekend instead consisted of  a puppy play date, seeing the first 10 minutes of the beautiful movie kirikou and the sorceress (too scary for my 6-year old), baking for haiti, a swimming class for the 3-year old, an art class for the older one and fortunately some good food (ippudo and fonda).  

my post today is brief and focused — these incredibly delicious molasses ginger cookies from the littly buddy biscuit companyout in south park slope.  i’ve been to this cute, newish shop a number of times, and every time, i cannot get myself to order anything other than this cookie. it is pretty big, it is moist, it has some spiciness from the ginger, and it is super satisfying.  i’m sure there are other things worth getting at little buddy biscuit company, but so far, nothing else can match the appeal of this treat.   if i still worked down that way (we’re now in the food dessert called gowanus), i might be tempted by some of their savory items like the cheddar and black pepper biscuit or the chicken curry salad sandwich.  for now, all i can recommend is this fantastic cookie.  little buddy biscuit company, 635 5th avenue between 17th and 18th streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.369.6355.

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  1. Thanks Cherry for the sweet review!

    Chef Pete
    Little Buddy Biscuit Company

  2. Yes! Those cookies are the best! Thanks for reminding me about them.

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