dickson’s farmstand meats: quick and meaty

unfortunately for me, chelsea market is so no longer a secret and in fact was unpleasantly mobbed when i stopped by last week in the middle of the day.  i’m glad for the place, but sad for me. it’s definitely more enjoyable when there are not hordes of people roaming those halls and they desperately need to improve the bathroom situation (the one public bathroom always has a huge line so i always sneak into 202′s bathroom, not so clean either but at least it’s usually free). 

one of the benefits of all this business though is that the market is getting better and better tenants.  in addition to mainstays like fat witch, the future perfect has moved in, jacques torres has a spot, and now there’s this super high quality, locally-sourced meat market dickson’s farmstand meats.   recently, dickson’s started serving basic but very tasty sandwiches for $8 to $10. i got myself a pulled pork with coleslaw.  the tangy sauce was poured over the meat resulting in a very sloppy and filling sandwich.  though the bottom bun disintegrated from the sauce, the ultimate flavors combined with at least a nice top part of the bun that was firm and soft together with the very crisp and crunch coleslaw were satisfying.    other dickson lunch picks (they rotate) have included upstate beef chili, chicken salad, a beef and bacon sausage sandwich on a roll and a house-smoked ham and cheese sandwich.   right now, there are no drinks or accompaniments, so the price is not exactly a bargain but it was quick and delicious.

on the basic provisions front, dickson’s farmstand meats had lots of outstanding sustainable options all sourced from small farms near new york city.   the meat case updates frequently, and on my visit included rosemary pork belly, sausages with either lamb and sichuan peppercorns smoked paprika and pork.   there were terrines — smoked duck or lamb with garlic pickle, a muscovy duck and a selection of whole chickens.  dickson’s has also started selling roasted chickens as well available after 5 p.m. but call to reserve.   if you really want to stock up, you can get a whole cow complete with the round, sirloin, short loin, rib, chuck, plate brisket and shank for $150, or an entire pig for $100. not sure we’re ready to take that plunge as that might necessitate yet another freezer in our bedroom which j. might not be willing to tolerate — it’s bad enough in there now with a small freezer, the kids huge hospital set and marble thing, scooters, small bikes and of course the huge dog crate.   so i’ll have to make do with smaller purchases that we can eat as we buy which shouldn’t be too bad.   dickson’s farmstand meats, at chelsea market, 9th avenue and 16th street, manhattan, new york, 212.242.2630.

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