barking brown: hats, bags, things for spring

as the weather warmed up the past few days, cottons, linens and things seemed all that more appealing (and in fact i need to go dig through my closet as i’m off to miami on thursday for three blissful conference days without kids or dogs).  while fending for myself last weekend while k. was at pratt’s saturday art school, i discovered barking brown. while i have no idea where this name comes from — there’s no dog connection– the shop had some pretty cute accessories. i especially liked the hats, and there were lots of them.   the casquette style hats with green and rose floral patterns were especially tempting spring wear.  barking brown even had some snazzy looking mens’ straw hats and caps, some by the goorin brothers, which were pretty cute too though it might be hard to pull off that stylized look.  i can barely get j. to wear a baseball cap though so maybe i’m not the best judge of male style!

i also liked a lot of barking brown’s bags especially the lightweight linen ones pictured above (nice and big, but excellent prints with nice leather detailing) as well as the great big big buddha number in turquoise below.  i feel like i read somewhere that turquoise is the color this season but somehow it feels like we just did that.   for the most part, the barking brown’s clothes were not as exciting though i did find a few winners including some great short, crisp cotton dresses in blacks and khakis by ryo, and i might really need to go back to get these excellent in-between-weather cardigans in kelly green and greys by wooden ships

barking brown also had a bunch of easy-to-wear and easy on the wallet accessories including big bangles, bold colored rings, huge sunglasses, fanciful colorful scarves, dangling earrings, and jewelry by erica weiner among others.  the website’s a little awkward so i suggest visiting in person if you’re hanging around fort greene one of these almost spring days.  barking brown, 468 myrtle avenue between hall street and washington avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.638.3757.

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  1. Lala says:

    Hey there, love your blog!!

    Would you be able to find out for me if this store is ever going to get their website up and going again? I’m not local and haven’t been back to NYC in a couple months…and I need a shopping fix! Thanks so much if you can help.. totally love this store. :)

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