mailiano: pasta & eggs, pasta & eggs, pasta & eggs, etc…

no, i definitely have not visited maialino enough times to warrant a real review (only once, and only for brunch) but still, just based on this one visit, i cannot wait to come back.  on my return, i will be limiting what i eat to the amazing pasta, and if we’re returning for brunch, as we most likely we will as that’s often easier with the kids, to the eggs too.   both maialino dishes — i had the ravioli al uova which is a ravioli with an egg yolk, ricotta and potato, and j. had the amatriciana al forno — were pure perfection.  my yolk was runny, the cheesy interior was rich and creamy and the thin pasta exterior was fresh and coated in a delicious butter sage sauce. if i had been hungrier, i definitely would have gone for two. it’s a big ravioli but not that big.  j’s baked egg dish was light and spicy, and the spicy tomato studded with guanciale provided plenty of flavor without overpowering the eggs.

the morning light in the maialino’s bar area, where we sat, was great.  sun shining through with glimpses of that fancy little park through the huge windows.  j. also got to chat up his favorite author ever so apparently celebrity sightings are not uncommon.   the coffee was not so exciting, the pastries were nowhere near as great as those at the other excellent hotel restaurant these days, and the service was chaotic especially when stroller, after toddler, after stroller started coming in after 1 p.m.  but we were happy.  the kids loved running and singing walking quickly and quietly through the mysterious lobby to the gorgeous bathrooms while we savored our meal.  can’t wait for the next one at this latest danny meyer creation: morning, noon or night.  maialino, gramercy park hotel, 2 lexington avenue near 21st street, manhattan, new york, 212.777.2410.

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