henry public: a mighty fine turkey leg sandwich

this now “famous” turkey leg sandwich from henry public kept popping up all fall long as this most-favored sandwich so of course i had to go see for myself.  the setting at henry public, an old fashioned bar,  is quaint, and it does feel old school, like maybe you’re back in brooklyn at the turn of the century.  we visited henry public at this fall for lunch, and it wasn’t so busy which was great.  the sandwich was indeed excellent, and worth visiting just for that.  the turkey mixture was super moist, and the combination of ingredients was addictive with the crunch from the crispy onions balancing out the softness of the bread and the meat.   and even though i was quite full after half, i just couldn’t stop myself from eating the rest.

on the negative side, henry public’s service was insanely slow, and then even though it took forever or maybe because it did my fries were lukewarm. other dishes we had including an egg sandwich, a lettuce and watercress salad and a grilled chese sandwich with apple slices were fine but not worth the trip.  back on the plus side, the starting almonds and pickles were solid, and the henry public’s drinks were just as good if not better than that turkey sandwich.  we all got the spicy and tangy bloody henry with shallots.   it was expertly made, and for that and the turkey leg, i will definitely recommend a return visit.    henry public, 329 henry street between atlantic avenue and pacific street, brooklyn, new york, 718.852.8630.

2 Responses to “henry public: a mighty fine turkey leg sandwich”

  1. James says:

    You’re absolutely nuts, “grilled cheese sandwich and apple slices were fine, but not worth going back for.”

    this place has by far one of the best burgers and grilled cheese in all of downtown Brooklyn.

  2. cherrypatter says:

    i haven’t had the burgers, but on the day we were there the grilled cheese was boring. i would take the one at amy’s bread any day over theirs (though not the atmosphere), or even the ones that tempo presto used to have. but may have to try it again to see if it improved, or it was an off day.

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