the red caboose: some nostalgia for the boys

sorry for the skipped day yesterday.  things are yet again a little hectic with the now nearly 10-week puppy (i’ve yet to figure out how to focus on work while the poor girl is having some crate adjustment issues) and having to replace a project manager at work , but i hope to be back to a more normal, reliable schedule very very soon.  oh and, i’ve also been working on the very final touches for my new website which will hopefully unveil itself by mid february if all goes well.  it needed a bit of a graphic upgrade and i think i have found a great woman to do it (yay for parsons).  so, for your weekend candy, i’ll leave you with this post on this now, increasingly rare breed of store — one all about locomotives.  and if you have nothing planned this weekend, the tino sehgal piece at the guggenheim looks pretty darn interesting (can’t wait to take the kids) and it’s the last few days for the saarinen exhibit.

now that i have a little boy, i do feel quite nostalgic for trains.  growing up we had a great electric train set that my dad set up that would go round and round the living room.  i don’t remember any interest in setting it up, but i did experience the joy of watching it run.  i was able to smuggle that train set back from home a few years ago, storing it up for when i thought the kids would enjoy it and i think that time is coming very near.   i’m only deterred by what i expect will be some logistical challenges in getting it set up and running (it has been oh, a few decades since it was in operation).  

if we do have problems, i am sure that the folks at the red caboose could help.  this dusty, crammed shop, located in the basement of a nondescript midtown building, holds all the treasures a train lover would ever want to have and the guy who runs it is obsessed with the ins and outs of rail travel.  in operation since 1946, this hobby shop has every model of train imaginable including the ho steam locomotives and märklins and train sets in various scales (n, o and g).  the red caboose has specific lines like the southwest express, the califonria zephyr and the canadian pacific railway and a huge number of specialty books, tracks, engine repair equipment, paints and all the accessories.

given, sadly, that the train obsession has declined dramatically in the last several decades, the red caboose has expanded its offerings and now carries all the new york city subway lines as well as a bunch of other items somewhat random items like cars and planes.  if you are feeling at all nostalgic, or just have a big or little kid obsessed with trains, in new york i think the red caboose is the place.   the red caboose, 23 west 45th street, downstairs, between 5th and 6th avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.575.0155.

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  1. Awww i had a train set too! I don’t think I could ever ot love a cute red train set. :)

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