cloth: an affordable stylish treasure in fort greene


i had heard of this place cloth mentioned a few times, but never knew quite where it was or what it was — some kind of crafty place is what i thought so maybe i just wasn’t that interested.  when i finally stumbled upon cloth recently in quest for other clothing stores in fort greene it was a lovely surprise.    located on a residential block just off of hanson place (very very close to target and more appealingly, to the brooklyn academy of music), cloth will become a frequent destination because of the quality, style and affordability on offer there.    given my fondness for sneakers, i may first have to go back to get those cute silver tournament tretorns above, and maybe think about this big, poufy, super bright, but so very me, bag.


cloth also had an excellent, highly edited selection of cotton, mostly eco-friendly, clothing including designs from stuart+brown, velvet designed by graham & spencer, and blouses from taboo, as well as great dresses by utility canvas.   i particularly liked that the clothing could be worn for work or fun, and that nothing was too trendy or too boring, and best of all it was quite affordable with most items coming in somewhere around $100 (either above or below that price point) and that is something that i can appreciate these days.


while they don’t carry that many accessories, cloth does carry my favorite soap saipua.  and now when i have to hang around for k in case she decides to return to dance class at mark morris (i am wanting her to take tap, we’ll see if that happens), i definitely know where to go.   cloth, 138 fort greene place between hanson place and lafayette avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.403.0223.

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  1. Brokelynite says:

    Tell me more about cloth, Cherrypatter. How affordable are the prices?
    Beautiful site, by the way… Wonderful photos.

  2. cherrypatter says:

    i just confirmed with them that most items run around the $100 mark, but there are plenty of blouses below that from $44 and up, and there are some more expensive things that run up to a max of $200 to $250. when i was there, the dresses i coveted were in that $100 range, and i will be heading back soon for a little wardrobe update.

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