interview: jilian dichiaro at madison rose

madison shop

jilian dichiaro opened up madison rose, a new high quality resale maternity shop in carroll gardens this past summer with her husband.  the shop, which is named after their daughters riley madison and stella rose, offers super stylish maternity clothes at deeply discounted prices in a really lovely space.    despite her extremely busy schedule, jilian was willing to share her favorite places to eat and shop, and it looks like she sticks pretty close to home in carroll gardens.   in terms of her eating preferences, it’s a really good thing that frankies is right nearby – one of my all time favorite restaurants too. thanks so much jilian. 

neda a clothing shop in carroll gardens brooklyn


top places for clothes and shoes?

the one thing i love is to shop. with a busy schedule it doesn’t give me much time. i try to shop local whenever possible. soula is great for shoes, neda has a great dress selection but when it comes to denim i go to bloomingdales. nothing beats their sizes and selection. it may not be cool or hip, but when you have limited time you need to go straight to the source.

for house gifts what do you like to get?

when we are local i always like to tap into my local resources for gifts for hostess or for the party. i stick with the basics like italian pastries. they are always a hit.

for stationery?

i am the worst card picker. i pour over cards for ever trying to find the best one. but the prettiest and nicest (not necessarily the funniest) come from papyrus.

for flowers?

i go to any corner store for flowers. they usually are fresh and they really are the best priced.

for kids?

i usually go to area kids they have fun gifts that aren’t the usual stuff.

for weddings?

i think money is always the best present.

madison anthro

favorite shop – ambiance, service, stuff?

right now i still am loving anthropologie. the inside of every store is so interesting and they have an amazing gift for repurposing things in a special and unique way.

favorite neighborhood?

there are so many, but mostly i love this neighborhood for its old school italian people, food and culture. i love places stuck in time pork store, deli, fish store, italian social club. so just taking walks around carroll gardens is great. 

frankies 457


favorite date night restaurant?

frankie’s (pictured above).

with friends?

frankie’s or abilene.

for drinks?

prime meats.

favorite dinner dish?

the caviatelli with butter and spicy sausage from frankie’s

for morning food?

prime meats

for asian and latin american food? 

i like em thai kitchen and chance for dim sum. cubana cafe.

cheese or meat at caputos

best of?

caputo’s fine foods has great meats and cheeses etc.   prime meats has great coffee.   mastellone for prepared foods.  sweet melissa patisserie has great sweets.

where do you crave going?

frankies. i just love everything there.

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