a bakery find in slc


on our annual pilgrimage to my hometown this past week, i was thrilled to find a great new little bakery called tulie.  when we’re back in salt lake city, we are always on the hunt for great hanging out spots and tulie was nearly perfect.  a great downtown location, gorgeous light and a beautifully designed space were an excellent setting for some very tasty treats.  while the coffee met our usual slc standards (we have yet to find that intelligentsia style froth here although we have been trying) the baked goods are the thing.  we had a very delicious pumpkin bread, and the other goodies were equally alluring including luscious cupcakes, enormous, flaky croissants and amazing sweet rolls.  next time we roll into town we will definitely be back.  tulie, 863 east at 7th south, 801.883.8741.

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