pageant print shop: so much to see in such a small space

print shop williamsburg

around since 1946, pageant print shop started out as a bookstore, and has now evolved into a huge collection of old prints and maps with an excellent range of pricing too from as little as $12 for some of the smaller items and then the bigger and fancier pieces can get up into the $100s (sometimes with a frame).  while pageant’s maps cover the world, they have a really excellent focus on new york maps with lots of maps 19th century stuff.

print shop maps

if you’re looking for some imagery, pageant is a great place for ideas.  topics include hunting and fishing, children, sporting, music, art deco, water world, flowers, ferries, religion and botanicals  as well as things like old board books and political cartoons.  many of the prints are so old that the copyrights have expired, so pageant really is a fantastic source for new designs or incorporating into a special graphic project.

print shop east river

and although the space is quite small, everything is well organized, reasonably priced and i’m just happy they’re here at all.  not surprisingly, pageant’s owners (the daughters of the original owner) have had some challenges with space (rent too high is the big one) and they moved to this east village spot about five years ago.  let’s hope their nonprofit landlord allows pageant to continue to keep their prices down and their inventory always changing.   pageant print shop, 69 east 4th street near bowery, manhattan, new york, 212.674.5296.

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