it’s turkey day — almost

turkey battery park 2

happy turkey day everybody — one day early.  i was going to run another post today but then just decided that can wait, i have a wee bit of cooking to do in the next 24 hours and it would be much more fun to gaze at zelda the turkey.  i found her after we all went up to the crown of the statue of liberty (that was a great tourist trip, and i highly recommend reserving ahead), and k and i were wandering back to the subway.  zelda was hanging out happily right in the middle of battery park, amid all the hot dog carts and the tourists.  and apparently she has been in new york for a while.

hope you have a great thanksgiving and see you next week.

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  1. jr says:

    Zelda rocks! They say she walked all the way down through Manhattan to Battery Park from the Bronx, so of course I’m wondering which river crossing she took. :-)

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