space kiddets: the source for the pre-tween set

if i had an unlimited budget, i would shop at space kiddets all the time for my kids, and that is especially true now that k. is 6 when the little kid stores just don’t carry her stuff, and there are just so very few shops that cater to her age range.  space kiddets, which has been in business for an amazing 29 years, looks as trendy as if it just opened last week.  this shop has the most interesting, fun inventory of clothes, and while they do serve all ages of kids (plenty of gorgeous things for the under 5 set), i am now appreciating all the great tween clothes they have. 

space kiddets is definitely more of a  “downtown,” with lots of rock n’ roll themes with ramone t-shirts, black silk button-downs with psychedelic themes and a current obsession with alice and wonderland since tim burton’s movie is coming out tomorrow.  space kiddets has tons of adorable separates that can be mixed together into a funky outfit, perfect for girls just finding their way with clothes, and especially helpful for my daughter who is such a tomboy that she can easily be convinced to wear a t-shirt, but anything with buttons or frills forget it.  fortunately, space kiddets has jackets, sweater tops and cute but not to fussy skirts to dress it up if necessary. and don’t worry, if you’re looking for girly, and even super girly and dressy, space kiddets has that too.

on my latest visit, i was particularly obsessed with all the unique japanese-wear on offer. the owner cynthia radocy visits japan frequently, and brings back with her unique silk jackets like the one pictured above (not cheap at around $220, but boy would i like one of those for spring), the very collectible momiji dolls, flipflops, slip-on canvas printed sneakers.  and cynthia doesn’t just travel east, but west too with a recent stop in greece where she got some great sandals and jewelry.

in general, the price range at space kiddets is on the higher (but not usually crazy) end  of things.  however, one of the best things about space kiddets are their sales — they have fantastic usually twice-yearly sales where prices are often cut in half or more.   i have made it a priority to be sure to visit each sale, and i usually buy a year ahead (the sales are often at the end of a season) and then when winter rolls around next year it is such a nice surprise to see such great things in the kids’ closets.    space kiddets, 26 east 22nd street, manhattan, new york, 212.420.9878.

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