hong kong supermarket: the asian basics + super cheap + vast selection

hk market green & purple

if you live in south brooklyn, there really is no reason to go to manhattan if you need asian stuff, and places like hong kong supermarket are exactly where to go. this place is quite big, bustling but not over crowded and has free parking (major plus if you have a car and have ever tried to navigate chinatown).  they have lots of produce, and all the asian varieties in one place, and really every kind of sauce or condiment you could ever think of in the asian department.  oh, and the major bonus is that it is incredibly cheap so you feel like you really need to quit the coop immediately (well, i kind of feel like that all the time, sorry coop lovers, – just ask j).

frozen dumplings

another plus is that hong kong supermarket carries all sorts of hard to find japanese, korean and other asian snacks. they of course have pocky galore and many many kinds of frozen dumplings, but also mochi and other random treats. 
bok choy at hong kong supermarket in sunset park brooklyn 
while i’ve only been to hong kong supermarket few times, and usually stick to the bottled goods, a number of yelp commenters noted that you need to be careful with produce and possibly meat here. so just check your produce, and maybe skip the meat, and you’ll have a nice haul.  hong kong supermarket of brooklyn, 6023 8th avenue between 60th and 61st streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.438.2288.

also, on a side note, i have no idea if hong kong supermarket of brooklyn is related to the one that burnt down in manhattan this spring or this one in queens, and it seems it may even be related to this conglomerate. anyone know?

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