summer hours: the first of a summer movie fling


 right before the oscars, j and i went on a movie binge and i think i at least needed a few months to recover from seeing so many films in way too short a time.  within a couple weeks, we somehow packed in frozen river (fortunately i didn’t tell j anything about that bleak but incredibly well acted story), followed by the terribly long benjanim button, and then slumdog millionaire (jai ho has become a family dance favorite).   and then crazily we did back to back milk and the wrestler, which was just a little insane and depressing end to our movie spree. 

so i’m now reading to dip back into the movie scene, and i thought  the french film summer hours looked pretty good based on the new york times review last week.  summer hours is about the challenges of inheritance, and the fun of divvying up the goods among siblings and the squabbles that ensue.   juliet binoche is an added attraction.   i also liked that it is playing at the ifc center located in the village which focuses on small, independent films and the space itself has been getting positive reviews.  although it had been renovated in 2005 and gets rave reviews, i still have not made it to ifc for some reason, so i’m curious how it compares to my current favorite theaters sunshine cinema and the brooklyn academy of music.       the ifc center, 323 6th avenue at west 3rd street, manhattan, new york, 212.924.7771.

my mini guide for shopping and eating nearby is below.

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  1. galugo says:

    I have been following the rave reviews, too. I’m thinking I need to have a Juliette Binoche movie marathon. I’ve missed the last few, and she is always full of such vitality.

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