happy columbus day: the semi-day off


this holiday, columbus day, is just a little bit odd.  only a fraction of the people i know get it off (of course all the public schools, and this is one of those days where i do in fact miss working for the government) and the rest of us continue as usual.  since i am working, and we got back way late last night, i didn’t get my regular post together for today so instead you get a few photos from our great little visit to storm king.  we went with some very good friends, and as a side bonus got to celebrate their 1-year anniversary with them.  i happily got at the very last minute the most beautiful birdfeeder from perch! design, and amy was kind enough to let me come to her working studio to pick it up sunday morning).


the day was picture perfect, and we got to see the new maya lin bodies of water which was pretty beautiful.  my big bummer this weekend was that somehow i broke my lens and maybe even the camera body this weekend.  i don’t even know how i did it, but i feel lost!  i cannot believe how much i have become reliant on that camera, and i so love the photos it takes.  i had to revert back to our point and shoot this weekend which was bearable but i don’t think i can manage for long without it (and my 6-year old took the photo at the top which i think was maybe the best of the bunch, yay, k!). 


i find this all a bit baffling as i have never taken any photography classes, don’t really know anything about it but now i am addicted.   i’m off to b&h this morning, hopefully they can fix it on the spot, and then we’ll see if i can resist upgrading my lens to the 50 mm f/1.4.  it looks so good, but i really shouldn’t (new boots or lens?).  this has definitely become an expensive hobby.   

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