wonk: clean, modern design in full color (or not)


our house is pretty crazy full of color. we have this super funky, very modern, leather and very round, very bright red rocking chair.  we have our beloved funky orange and white cabinets from the now defunct canadian designer, these giant fruit pillows (they are much more appealing than they sound), our lovely red stokke tripp trapp high chair and last but not least the red, orange and white backsplash that we just installed to help minimize our very ugly cherry kitchen cabinets (this is a newish condo so no use ripping everything out right now).  and i know it sounds like there is no way this all works, but it in fact all does look pretty put together (not in that oh so popular modern design way though).   maybe someday i’ll be brave enough to share a few photos once we replace our ancient and well worn sofas and the ikea carpet which needs to go.  all this might just have to wait till the kids are a bit bigger.  


in my never ending quest to add more storage to our apartment (which feels smaller and smaller every day), i have been fantasizing for a year now about taking the plunge and getting a perfect color piece from wonk, a furniture store in dumbo with a new outpost in williamsburg.  i am obsessed with the beautiful lacquer (and colors) on the woods, as well as the amazing craftsmanship that goes into these brooklyn designed pieces.  using gorgeous wood in beautiful simple finishes, wonk’s furniture is clean, modern and functional.


wonk carries all the basics — dressers, tables, desks, beds and my favorites are the various shelving combinations.  i was looking at a piece kind of like this but double in height, and with a lot more color.    their staff will help you to design something based on your wood, color and fixture preferences.  while we decided to hold off just then when the economy was tanking –  wonk’sdesigns to suit are not cheap (ours was going to be around $2,500).  however, off the rack pieces are little more than crate and barrel or west elm (and a definite ikea upgrade) but so worth it for the quality.  wonk, 160-a, n. 4th Street, 718.218.7750; 68 jay street between front and water streets, 718.596.8026, both in brooklyn, new york.

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