levain bakery: the gold cookie standard


so we’re entering into the very last weeks of august and things are slowing down.   i love this time of summer when there is just a hint of fall but new york is still incredibly mellow.  everyone is out of town it seems, parking is no problem, and we can eat wherever we like (well almost) without a reservation or a wait.   yesterday, immediate gratification on the huarache front from the   newly nominated vendy truck country boys/martinez taco truck.  even better, our shelter island vacation starts next saturday so we’re all looking forward to lots of downtime.   i’ll also be using some of that time to retool the blog a bit, and starting this weekend with help from the most amazingly talented and incredibly generous nita we upgraded to  a new template that will allow for lots more improvements over the next few months.   there may still be a few kinks here and there on the site and we hope to iron them out very very soon.  

for today, i’m just documenting what many think is the best chocolate chip cookie in new york city from levain bakery.  this cookie weighs a ton so it is really not a treat for one, or maybe one if you’re having a really bad day.  because it is so enormous, the outside is crisp but the inside is still quite gooey, and the sweetness is cut by the inclusion of walnuts and the fact that the chocolate is not too sweet.  for $3.75 at 1/2 pound it’s a pricey treat but pretty well worth it.

in addition to some great basic baguettes and rolls, levain bakery also has some relatively cheap snacks that looked pretty good.  on my visit, they had three kinds of crispy pizza slices each for $7: olives with goat cheese; caramelized onion with parmesan reggiano; and artichoke hearts with gruyere.    they also offered a roast beef with horseradish mayonnaise and lettuce on sourdough sandwich for $6.  a pretty good deal, and so close to central park it will be hard to resist in the future.   levain bakery, 167 west 74th street between amsterdam and columbus avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.874.6080.

4 Responses to “levain bakery: the gold cookie standard”

  1. I can’t even believe what I’m seeing and reading here. I don’t venture to the UWS very often, but I just may have to. As a confirmed chocolate chip cookie fiend, nothing will get in my way! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Can I just tell you that the last time I went to Levain I was so intoxicated from the gooey, just-right deliciousness of my chocolate chip cookie that I actually BOUGHT one of their t-shirts? Yes, I threw down $25 for it and kicked myself immediately after, but it’s actually quite soft and makes me smile (and think about cookies) ever time I wear it. Thanks for the tip about their non-cookie items — I’ve always been too hypnotized by the cookie smell to notice.

  3. cherrypatter says:

    wow! i’m impressed you bought a shirt. that cookie must have really put you over the top — and it is understandable as they are pretty darn amazing.

  4. Stephanie says:

    These cookies are to die for. I love them.

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