yura & company: another iteration on the donut


 i do seem to be incapable of not eating every donut i pass, so when i found myself in yura & company for a not such exciting coffee recently, i discovered the oddly named cinnamon puff  which is really a little donut in the form of a mini muffin.   the donut was quite fresh and and covered with a nice coating of cinnamon and sugar.    at only a dollar a pop, i could have eaten quite a few — fortunately, i only ate two and that was plenty. 


yura & company is a high-end deli spot, and the morning i was there, the sun-filled store was filled with upper east side women catching up and uniformed teens loading up on snacks.  not many of yura’s other pastry items looked so tasty.  however, for take-out, i thought the fried chicken looked good and some of the other prepared foods though i am sure that is all super pricey given the carnegie hill location.  if this more than 10-year old review from eric asimov still holds true, then the food might be worth it.    so next time i need to go to the upper upper east side, maybe for one of those dreaded doctors appointments, i’ll be sure to stop by for a donut snack.  yura & company, 1292 madison avenue at 92nd street, manhattan, new york, 212.860.8060.

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