ernesto neto: anthropodino: super fabulous net and pod stuff

ernesto neto-yellowneto-green-hand

this ernesto neto exhibit called anthropodino, at the park avenue armory, is really fabulous, and kids will be especially smitten.   k and i visited last weekend, and it’s definitely worth a few hours.   while i could go on and on with some not very well written commentary about this obviously creative brazilian artist (who i had never heard of till this from sweet fine day) from rio de janeiro, i’ll spare everyone, and let the pictures speak for themselves. 


what didn’t photograph so well were the fun stations set up throughout the ernesto neto installation. there was a huge ball pit, kind of like the ikea ones, but this one had only calm light blue balls and were set in a big swimming pool-like container and kids (and a few adults) could wade on in for a few minutes at a time.  there was a big poufy purple pod with some netting above that you could sink into and a smaller red pod area with a soft pad and big masks that looked like sleeping masks which were filled with scents.   and scents were a theme with all the big fat pod-like forms filled with spices throughout filling the air with a semi pleasant odor (kind of like sachets of an unusual size). 


only on for a couple more weeks, if you’re in new york i highly recommend stopping by.  park avenue armory, 643 park avenue, manhattan, new york, 212.616.3930.  on through june 14th.

and as a post note, since this is a friday post it should usually be accompanied by a mini guide.  however, i had promised, really promised, not to write any more mini guides for the upper east side for a while, and so i am taking a break.  plenty of mini guides for the upper east side can be found here and here and here.    i obviously need to venture elsewhere in this fair city of mine.


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