a sharper focus and something fun at the met


cherrypatter has been up and running for more than two months now, and with some experience behind me, i have decided to shut one door and open another so that the site is more focused, more useful and just more fun for me and hopefully you. cherrypatter will become a highly edited guide for new york which can serve both visitors as well as new yorkers interested in some great ideas for all ny neighborhoods (well mostly manhattan and brooklyn for now).  i will continue my reviews of local food and shops and will add, beginning today, a weekly post recommending just one or two ideas to check out followed by suggestions as to where to eat, shop and hangout nearby. in a few months, i hope to enhance the site to make it easier to use and ultimately, i hope to roll cherrypatter out to other cities.


so what to do. of course, there are zillions of choices for things to do in new york so this will be a highly random selection. more comprehensive listings can be found all over the place and i will soon list them under nyc basics on the home page sidebar. for this week, i think that the walker evans postcard exhibit at the met sounds great. his photography is fantastic and taken at a time that seems way too similar to what we might be going through now. this exhibit focuses on evans’ own collection of more than 9,000 postcards as well as some of his own photos he had printed in that same format. for some ideas as to where to eat and shop nearby see my mini guide on the upper east side below.  walker evans and the picture postcard, through may 25, 2009, the metropolitan museum of art, 84th street and fifth avenue, manhattan, new york, 212.535.7710.

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