ice skating at the south street seaport: one last chance


ok, so i was all energized to finally have one good weekend of ice skating before spring finally arrives, and as i was doing my research i find out that lots of rinks have closed including our local favorite wollman rink located in prospect park as well as the very cool looking and synthetically made  polar rink  at the american museum of natural history museum.  and although i am feeling like a pretty bad mum for waiting this long to take k skating (did i really miss the entire season), fortunately the south street seaport ice rink is open through sunday.   this 8,000 square foot rink ,which just opened this winter has glorious views and i’m curious to see what it’s like and if it takes full advantage of it’s setting, and i am guessing given how much i have procrastinated and depending on how nice the weather is this weekend we might even have the ice to ourselves. 


so then of course the big question is what to do before and after, and given that i have covered the wall street neighborhood before, we’re looking at some fairly sad eating and drinking options.  so i might suggest heading north toward chinatown which has a wealth of great food so the few listed below represent just the very tip of the iceberg and if you do more research you will find widely varying opinions though i still think these are worth stopping by.  i have not provided any dim sum places  because i think that the very best are off in queens or hong kong so not worth going to here.  and shopping gems, sadly, other than food markets, are a little harder to find.



fried dumpling: this very very affordable place for fried pork and chive dumplings ($5 for 5 i believe) has no atmosphere but has been written about everywhere and while i have not yet been it is very high on my list of places to go.  more street food than a full-on lunch.  99 allen street near delancey street, 212.941.9975.

joe’s shanghai: although a little controversial among the hard-core foodies, i think it’s pretty tried and true for some pretty excellent soup dumplings.  9 pell street between doyers street and the bowery, 212.233.8888.

 cantoon garden: a beloved cantonese place that definitely sounds like the it spot for lobsters, crabs and salt baked squid. definitely tend toward the fishy side of things here.  22 elizabeth street between bayard and canal streets, 212.964.2229.


pearl paint: while not my usual kind of store to write about, this arts emporium really is incredibly vast and incredibly cheap. if you need supplies or just want to think you might some day be creative this is  a great place to stock up.  308 canal street near broadway, 212.431.7392.

yunhong chopsticks: just opened this winter, sounds like it might be an interesting shop for gifts or just the chopstick obsessed but maybe not such modern offerings.  50 mott street between pell and bayard streets, 212.566.8828.

hong kong supermarket: a vast market with all kinds of goodies from all over so be prepared to go home right after with your stash.  135 east broadway near pike street, 212.571.9631.

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