greenlight bookstore: spacious collections of your favorites

as readers of this blog know, i am quite the bookstore fanatic, and love to buy new books whenever i can and hopefully read them though these days that has been a little tough. i’m still stuck on the good solidiers and that has been since christmas. yikes!  i would probably buy more books even though i’m not reading so much but in my neighborhood, there just aren’t any bookstores i love so i was very excited to find greenlight bookstore this fall out in fort greene. 

spacious and attractive with a great set of display books (that is my favorite thing when there are good displays filled with lots of appealing reading) and a cute children’s section too.  the space is not particularly cozy, but it is well designed and well lit, and it and means you won’t be bumping into all the many book lovers hanging out at the shop.  the night i visited, greenlight was buzzing with people which was great to see.  so i’ll be back the next time i feel like browsing in brooklyn and need a good read.  greenlight bookstore, 686 fulton street at south portland, brooklyn, new york, 718.246.0200.

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