The Red Book Series: Matthew Weiner — Up Close and Personal

i am clearly not the only one, but i am quite obsessed with mad men (this was an amazing scene). i love the the fantastic design of course, and the story is fun too, but what i’m most obsessed about is the women’s clothes and look.  betty’s outfits are just really incredible, and i wish i could be styled that way for a few days and get to drive around in one of those cars.  so i was excited to see that the rubin museum of art was hosting a talk, for a very affordable price, in a few weeks with matthew weiner, the guy who created and produces the series. while i have never heard of these talks, given that mad men is just a wee bit popular, i thought it would be wise to post it a little early just in case you want to make plans.

i have never actually been to the rubin museum of art which specializes in art from the himalayas, this talk series might be enough to draw me in more regularly.   the “red book dialogues” (the name is a little much i must say) has profiled a lot of great people this year like sarah silverman, charlie kaufman, jack dorsey and adam gopnik.  since the museum is located in the heart of chelsea there are plenty of places to eat and shop, though you need to walk a few big blocks to get to some better spots that are in my mini guide below.  the red book of j.c. jung programs at the rubin museum of art, 150 west 17th street between 6th and 7th avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.620.5000.  click here for the program with matthew weiner, saturday, february 6th at 4 p.m.

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