fred flare: fantastic finds of fun

fred flare is a very fun shop, chock-a-block with cute, very cheap things that you would actually want, or could see giving someone.  it’s a place to get a little pick-me-up without spending much, or if you are into nostalgia or especially if you are goofy, fred flare is the perfect shop.  located out in greenpoint (this is their first and only brick and mortar store though they have been online for a while), fred flare is somewhere i would definitely stop off for some quick and easy valentine’s day presents.  it is of course excellent for last minute stocking stuffers but fortunately we don’t have to think about that for ages.

in addition to a lot of the more jokey things like smiley pb& j earrings, a pac-man video kit, a mr. bacon’s big adventure game and of course the all important cheeseburger phone, fred flare actually has a nice collection of incredibly affordable clothes that you might want. cute trench coats for $68, the bb dakota jacket featured in twilight for a whopping $66 and a lot of cute cocktail dresses, many of which are under $50. 

fred flare definitely has something for everyone in every conceivable category: lots of paper and stationery, tons of goodies kids would love , sun glasses and other accessories, kitchen goodies like a panda skillet and some mens’ clothing as well.   i think i really need to go visit next week as i absolutely love retro valentines.  now that k. is at that age (first grade) where she gives all her 23 classmates valentine’s day cards, at least we can go with something classy and classic like thisfred flare, 131 meserole avenue at leonard street, brooklyn, new york, 718.349.1257.

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