happy xmas and new year’s too

upper rust santa

hi everyone! i decided to give myself an early xmas present and take off for a whopping two weeks as i try to get everything ready for the holiday (and finish up this massive way too academic project i have at work).  i have been doing lots of cooking, both for christmas dinner as well as for gifts (my favorite has been this incredible olive oil granola and some super spicy pecan nuts (i’ll post the recipe sometime) delivered in some cute ball jars from park delicatessen and brooklyn kitchen).  next week, we head off to salt lake for some family time and hopefully a little bit of skiing (we’ll see how the nearly 3-year old fares) and i will dream for a little relaxation (not likely). 

i hope you all have a super holiday, lots of enjoyable down time and of course good food.  i cannot really believe it is going to be 2010. that seems completely bizarre but i guess this is what happens. fortunately, s’s birthday is on new year’s eve so that will be our party focus out in utah.  see you in january with some great interviews and of course a bunch of excellent shops and restaurants — new york fortunately is full of those things.

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  1. margy says:

    Enjoy your break! I envy you your ski trip. And 2 words if you want a little fun of your own: ski school.

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