storm king art center: the last weekend till spring

storm king maya lin

storm king  art center is one of my all time favorite places in new york, or really right outside of new york (it takes about an hour and a half by car if all is going well).  it is so incredibly beautiful up there, and the sights are constantly changing that it is always worth a visit at least once a year.   we had not been since we had k which means that it was at least six years ago which was far too long. 

the main draw this year was the fantastic new installation by maya lin called storm king wavefield pictured above. these rolling hills were quite beautiful and i’m sure that they will look great as the seasons change too.  there is also a related maya lin exhibit on view at storm king’s museum building called maya lin: bodies of water

storm king bronze sculpture

i’m a huge fan of the enormous pieces of sculpture that are scattered around storm king’s property (more than 500 acres).  some of my favorite pieces are by mark di suvero (pictured above),  isamu noguchi,  alexander calder’s black flag (pictured below).  and don’t forget to go seek out andy goldsworthy’s lovely storm king wall which is more than 2,200 feet long which weaves its way down a hill and across a pond and then back up a hill. 

storm king black sculpture

there’s no where to eat at storm king so either bring a lunch or come well fed.  you cannot eat on the grounds but there are picnic tables at the entrances that are fairly pleasant especially if it’s warm or at least sunny.  this is the very last weekend of the storm king season. they close on monday till april so if you have the chance to sneak up there i totally recommend it (here’s a nice photo gallery in case you need more convincing), and if not you can always go next year.  storm king art center, old pleasant hill road, mountainville, new york.  more detailed directions here.

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  1. margy says:

    I’ve been wanting to get there for years. I guess I’ll have to wait to spring, but thanks for the reminder.

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