schnitzel & things: beautifully fried cutlets on the go

schnitzel pork

since i don’t work in manhattan, and those food trucks are just not making it into gowanus during the week, i haven’t had the chance to try too many (so far just rickshaw dumpling truck and the treats truck; nothing exciting).  given all the publicity, i am still on the look out via twitter for some of the others like calexico, nyc cravings, street sweets and the big gay ice cream truck (now i have to wait till next season since he’s retired it for the colder months).

schnitzel truck signage

A few weeks ago, i was pretty excited when miraculously my conference ended early and i was able to  snag a quick visit to the schnitzel & things truck. They had just won the  ”rookie of the year” from the vendy awards so i was feeling pretty pleased with my luck!  Work might not even have noticed i was gone.  as an added bonus, now that j. is working in manhattan again (lucky dog), we were able to meet up for a few minutes in madison square park.

Back to fried austrian treats . . .  By the time i got to the  front of the line, schnitzel & things had run out of bread, so i opted for the pork schnitzel platter.   this is a ginormous, well-pounded hunk of pig (maybe 10+ inches across) lightly breaded, freshly fried.   the cutlet came with a slice of lemon and some parsley and even though it took me 15 minutes to find a seat, it was still pretty darn delicious.  while not exactly tender – you really had to dig into it for cutting – each morsel was chewy (in a good way) and flavorful. i especially loved the schnitzel & things spicy sriracha mayo and just wished the serving size for sauce hadn’t been so paltry.  other sauces that sounded good included a pesto mayo and a ginger, scallion and garlic relish.

schnitzel bratwurst and beets_edited-1

schnitzel & things sides were not as exciting but certainly worth continuing to check out.  i did like the roasted beets with feta and a tangy vinaigrette.     next time, i’ll stick to the cutlets and maybe  try the chicken or the cod.   There have been rumors of veal too — now that would be good!  schnitzel & things‘ location varies daily but they tend to have one midtown day, two on park avenue (in the 40s and the upper 20s) and they even seem to visit dumbo most fridays. follow them on twitter for current locations.

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