the putting lot: the jersey shore but in bushwick


located way out in the vast industrial wasteland that is still bushwick, a group has put together the putting lot, a really fun miniature golf course created by local artists using existing materials.  this urban sustainability concept has resulted in a 9-hole course with themes like the reservoir (filled with old plastic bottles) and the bushwick art mart influenced by the corner bodega.   i took k with me to test out the putting lot on a very hot day and we had a good time.  the space had a good amount of shade, was not too busy, and were were able to easily maneuver our way through the course.   best of all, i definitely did not feel like i was at the jersey shore and there were no mosquitoes.


different artists designed each putting hole, and they are all profiled in more detail here.  some of the artists include the meat pallet, a collective of young bushwick based artists, interface studio llc, and  common room.  the philosophy behind the putting lot is to “examine the relevance of empty space in the city”  and i think they did a nice job of that, but mostly i just thought it was an entertaining way to spend the afternoon.


at the end of the not so grueling course, we were rewarded with a seed bomb which we could throw wherever we wanted and it was packed with dirt and growing things and hopefully it would take off to create some more greenery in a place that definitely needs it.  bushwick seems to becoming more and more interesting, especially with respect to the arts, but you need to know where to go. it is just too big to wander aimlessly.  my mini guide below has some ideas for the arts and food.  the putting lot, 12 wyckoff avenue, brooklyn, new york, open daily from 12 to 8 p.m., and definitely open through labor day and maybe till october.

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