malin+goetz: something for everyone


i always like to find a single brand that i can just trust for everything. night cream, face wash, shampoo.  you get the idea.  given that i am not the most obsessed person on products (though i have gotten a little fancy with my mom’s top skin saver product shiseido since her skin looks amazing and my face needs lots of help after way too many sunburned days when i thought it was fun to look like a lobster).   so my usual choices have been a little predictable with kiehls and some additional supplements from c.o. bigelow (great value).  a few years ago, i found a new obsession, and i actually got the idea when someone at bigelow’s recommended malin+goetz. 


i had been trying to find something for j that he might be willing to use, wasn’t too metrosexual, and would be a huge step up from the guest soap he seemed to think would be ok for his face.  after holding out for a few months, when he finally started using malin+goetz’s grapefruit face cleaner (one of their best sellers), he was hooked and we’ve become fans since.   designed for women and men, malin+goetz’s products emphasize natural ingredients and many of them are hypoallergenic.   the malin+goetz collection includes conditioners, shampoos, facial cleansers, moisturizers, body wash, lotions, body scrub, shaving creams and acne treatments, as well as sunscreens with spfs of 30 and even some perfumes.  as an apothecary, they carry tweezers, brushes and combs and tootbrushes (not sure i need an $8 toothbrush but maybe there are some special features i need to talk to my dentist about).  and they have some travel amenities like pill towels – basically a fancy face wipe and small sized bottles of their products.  malin+goetz also has few more unusual “party” scents like the cannabis candle (described as “sexy green cannabis and spicy extracts blend for their uplifting intoxication and general aphrodisia” — hmm, maybe not really for us), a rum bar soap and a mojito soap set.


while malin+goetz products can be purchased lots and lots of places all over the country and even internationally, they have just a few free standing stores, two of which are in new york.  the shops are well designed with great style  mixing the super white, clean and medical with warm walnut panels and the original tin ceiling.  at the upper west side shop, which just opened, the architect craig konyk retaining the character of this former dominican barbershop with its nooks and crannies, and they also kept the old signage “la gran esquina barbershop”.  with the great packaging and graphics and within reach pricing, it is almost impossible to visit malin+goetz without bringing something home which is usually a good thing.   malin+goetz, 117 seventh avenue between 20th and 21st streets, 212.727.3777 and 455 amsterdam avenue at 82nd street, 212.799.1200, both in manhattan, new york.

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