eye shoppe on 7th: stylish frames and super service


now that i wear glasses nearly all the time, after my eye doctor scared me several years ago from wearing contacts too much (i was getting lots of red vessels popping up here and there) i have now become pretty dedicated to having frames on my face (and i always was too scared for lasik).  as a result it’s now become even more important to have the right pair — stylish enough but not too trendy, tough enough to take some whacking from the kiddies and comfortable enough to wear a lot.  

eye shoppe on 7th is a super place to go to get some real help for finding that perfect fit and style.  the husband and wife team of paula and michael stoff, who have owned the store for 18 years in the same not hip location along the more dreary parts of 7th avenue in park slope, are really phenomenal when it comes to helping you find exactly what you need.  i have never found them pushy in terms of pricing, and i love that when working together, they are endlessly patient, giving tons of suggestions and insights as to what works and what doesnt.    they will definitely provide candid opinions on the match, and if it doesn’t work they’ll let you know.  i now no longer need a second opinion from a friend when it’s time to upgrade.  and eye shoppe on 7th has also always been very accommodating.  after i bought one pair a few years ago, they broke soon after, and they helped me replace it for an insignificant cost.


although the eye shoppe on 7th is not ostentatious nor does it appear to be  the most fashionable eye store despite it’s designation by time out as one of the best independent stores, surprisingly, its small collection holds a really great range of high quality frames.  my favorite, which is very exclusive they say, is face á face from paris.  other super popular brands include theo, bevel and ic berlin, and they also carry orgreen optics, lafont, salt optics and beausoleil.   sunglasses include oliver peoples, paul smith, persol, ray-ban and many others.


and while the frames are not a bargain, the frames alone begin at $150 going up to $375, it is really the service that has me hooked.  eye shoppe on 7th also offers eye exams and they are super speedy once you place an order.  really, all in all a great shopping experience for one of those things that can be a drag to get the wrong one.   eye shoppe on 7th, 107 7th avenue at president street, brooklyn, new york, 718.789.0841.

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