sahadi’s: an infinite array of middle eastern spices and other goodies


for those who love to cook or snack, sahadi’s is a fantastic brooklyn  market (kind of a sister shop to manhattan’s kalustyan’s though there is some debate as to which is better).  but there is no question that sahadi’s is the brooklyn place to go  if you need hard-to-find and super fresh spices  like halaby red pepper, fenugreek, asafoetida, juniper berries, dried chilies or three different variations of paprika. 


They also offer some interesting  spice mixes  like north african ros el hanout and their own yemen spice mix.  not surprising, sahadi’s grain selection is pretty incredible including three kinds of fava beans and at least three levels of salted chick peas and of course many many kinds of couscous.   their dried fruts and nuts selection is equally vast and cheap making this a place to buy in bulk.  lastly,  sahadi’s also has a bunch of other more random but what you might expect items like turkish delight, halvah, super affordable san marzano tomatos and imported licorice (even the salty kind).


while sahadi’s is not much to look at, the family-run shop is generally friendly and they even offer a kind of personal assistant service where if you grab a number, an assistant will accompany you throughout the store making recommendations and help you find things which can be a challenge.   in addition to the food supplies, sahadi’s offers some prepared foods like spinach and cheese pies, sandwiches as well as hummus and babaganoush that some people crave though i have not tried them.  their website, while not so great for spices, does includes some gift packs that might be a nice idea for mother’s day even (yes it is a only a few weeks away so i need to get my act together).  and despite the friendliness, it is good to try and avoid this market in the middle of the weekend when it can be swamped.    sahadi’s, 187 atlantic avenue between clinton and court streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.624.4450.


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