mary stuart: the queen crosses the pond


pre kids i used to go to the theater all the time, and now unfortunately that is not such a frequent occurrence (unless you can count the three little pigs), so when i do go to theater i am quite fussy about what i want to see.   i tend to like the darker kinds of shows, so mary stuart fits right in with my usual tendencies to the depressing and tragic.   adding to my interest is that  that this show originated from the donmar warehouse, a fantastic theater company in london which often has great acting and quality material, and is now being produced by the public theater.   and as if i needed another reason, my continuing obsession with all that is the royal family (just blame that on my british husband) has me signing up for this spring’s show of mary stuart that is being coproduced with the public starring janet mcteer and harriet walter.  for reasons that i cannot explain since i don’t really understand how the theater business works, this production will be on broadway and it officially opens on april 19th and is expected to close on august 16, 2009.    the public is offering discounted tickets if you purchase them before april 19th which i definitely plan to do.  mary stuart, broadhurst theater, 235 west 44th street between broadway and 8th avenue, manhattan, new york, 212.239.6200.


mini guide new york: broadway: the broadway area has lots of high-end food options so i have mentioned a few of those as well as some less expensive ideas and some suggestions for more snack like food.  and as for things to do, it’s mostly museums and parks. the interesting shopping is basically in the museums as i recently cruised up 9th avenue and there was nothing of note.   and of course if you are in need of just getting something there is always the corporate mall at columbus circle which can be quite useful (and it does have the tasty bouchon bakery).


aquavit cafe, one of my favorites, and it doesn’t have to be that pricey if you watch what you order.  but really excellent scandinavian food.  65 east 55th street between park and madison avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.307.7311.

db moderne: i’ve never been but it’s hard to imagine it is anything but excellent.   definitely pricey.  55 west 44th street near 5th avenue, manhattan, new york, 212.391.2400.

blue ribbon sushi bar and grill: we’ve been going to this mini-new york chain for ages.   they have a big range so can feed lots of picky eaters, and the sushi is always fresh.  i’ve never tried out this location though so hopefully it’s up to snuff.  308 west 58th street near 8th avenue, manhattan, new york, 212.397.0404.

more inexpensive ideas:

the burger joint: one of the greatest little treasures in midtown.  this burger shack hidden within the hotel has excellent and greasy burgers and fries. don’t expect anything fancy.  119 west 56th street near 6th avenue, in the parker meridian hotel, manhattan, new york, 212.245.5000. 

kyotofu: written about quite a lot, i have been interested in trying out the desserts here (though be sure you like tofu), and it looks like they have some food on the menu too.  705 ninth avenue between 45th and 46th streets, manhattan, new york, 212.974.6012.

lily o’briens:  i have not been here, and i am little worried it’s going to be like max brenner which is definitely not something i recommend, but this chain from ireland has been getting mentioned so maybe it is worth a visit. 36 west 40th street between 5th and 6th avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.575.0631.

to do:

museum of modern art: a few exhibits of note on right now including sol lewitt and one on landscape and architecture.  and of course there is the wildly popular moma store for all your design goodies. 11 west 53rd street between 5th and 6th avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.708.9400.

american folk art museum: a fantastic building designed by todd williams and billy tsien in 2000, regardless of your interest in folk art, the structure and experience in the space is worth the admisstion fee.  45 west 53rd street between 5th and 6th avenues, manhattan, new york 212.265.1040.

equitable center sculptures:  several sculptures by barry flanagan, my favorite being  the hare on bell, grace the midblock of 51st street between 6th and 7th avenues. the equitable center also used to run art shows in the base of the building though it’s been difficult for me to confirm if that still happens.  

paley center for media: this used to be the museum of television and radio and it basically does the same thing now so a good way to suck up hours of time watching the love boat and fantasty island. 25 west 52nd street between 5th and 6th avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.621.6800.

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  1. galugo says:

    So glad that the great Janet McTeer is still going strong. Watching her and hours of Love Boat? Heaven.

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