stinky bklyn: two noses or one?


when i want cheese in brooklyn, the first place i hope i have time to get to is stinky bklyn.  this shop has got to have the nicest staff of all with the best service and they have this very cute nose system so that you can decide how stinky you really want to get.   what i really love is how they always always label the cheese so that a few days later when you’re nibbling at a big hunk of yellow you’ll have the facts so you can get your favorites again (yes, this seems basic but my other cheese places haven’t been doing this). 


stinky bklyn also has a nice collection of the usual cheese store staples — all sorts of tasty condiments, breads, oils, vinegars, chocolates and other helpful cooking items like one pound containers of duck fat as well as a panini of the day.  as an added bonus, they have opened up a ham bar where the meat is sliced right from the whole leg (complete with hooves).   i am not enough of a cheese expert to tell you if stinky bklyn compares well to nyc’s many cheese meccas like murray’s, saxelby cheesemongers, dean & deluca or zabar’s, but i will tell you that for brooklyn they are at the top of my list.  stinky bklyn, 261 smith street at degraw, brooklyn, new york, 718.522.7425

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