flight 001: back to the age of luxury travel


i should stop being surprised by now, and i am guessing given the economy these days that this will be a less frequent occurence, but yet another of my favorite gift-hunting spots from early 2000 made its way to smith street a few years ago and opened up yet another store in park slope a year or so ago (which just closed in the spring of 2009).   with a retro-modern look, and a bit of interesting architecture supposed to be reminiscent of a 747 jet airliner cabin (cannot say i ever figured that out), flight 001 brings all things travel and cool to one place.  the range is vast — they carry trendy luggage, toiletries, containers of all shapes and sizes, neat cleaning products (like sheets of soap), insect repellent wrist-bands, pocket translators and weather monitors and many other travel-related accessories. 


while i rarely go there for myself, i find flight 001 extremely useful for last minute presents (the giftwrapping is excellent)  for all sorts of people especially the males in my life.  they also carry some surprising kids’ things helpful for those long flights like this finger printing art set.  the original store is in the village, and they have spread their wings to the coasts with shops in l.a., san francisco and even one in chicago.  their website is fairly comprehensive though i find it a bit cumbersome and definitely prefer an in-person visit where you can almost imagine that travelling could be glamorous.   flight 001, 132 smith street at dean street, 718.243.0001, brooklyn, new york, and 96 greenwich avenue at west 12th street, manhattan, new york 212.989.0001. 

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