brook farm general store: beloved necessities

i think i might have found my new favorite go-to shop.  brook farm general store was filled with so many things that i love, and even better, can justify buying because you know you always need another notebook or two, that i will be back, and not just because it is dangerously close to fatty cue.  on the paper front, there were color pencils by palomino, plain but adorable prospector pencils and then really who could resist the little wood pencil sharpeners.  brook farm general store had these huge michael roger notebooks (i am a journal junky), as well as these great ones by miquelrius that came in various widths — one for every occasion.

while brook farm general store had a few adorable kids items — like these blocks above and a back-to-basics log cabin playset — they really shined in the kitchen/gardening department. first off, they had these incredible looking vintage iron skillets and rolling pins, as well as the very cutest vintage pie rack (would look so perfect here).  there were fantastic napkins in various muted stripes and hues, as well as some basic dishes and other super useful glass containers.   for the garden they had lightfoot soap, trowel sets, and just so you could look stylish out there in the dirt (or wherever) these appealing bensimon sneakers.

and then brook farm general store just had a host of other appealing home items like the stylish yet utilitarian toiletry and travel bags by beckel, white and khaki hammam and matteo towels, and the mellow matteo quilts in whites and greys.   there were also vintage embroidered and linen pillowcases in white.  for the dog, they had the simplest pure leather collars and leashes, and to spruce up  the closets there were original lavender sachets in creams or stripes.    nothing was outlandishly priced, and i think a quick stop now in then just to, you know, upgrade your keys with leather covers, or indulge in one of the anglepoise lamps in bold colors wouldn’t be such a bad thing.   brook farm general store, 75 s. 6th street between berry and wythe avenues, brooklyn, new york, 718.388.8642.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I loved this shop too! The cedar incense smells lovely.

  2. Oh! I was so bummed that I made it here just after they closed when I was in town…looks like a must on my next trip!

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