moon river chattel: beautiful utility

moon river chattel has a little bit of everything, and everything has a little bit of beauty.  with a very varied selection of home goods, it’s hard to walk out of this shop without something. from the low end treats like these gorgeous looking lollies from hammond and other retro candy like bit o’ honey, to adorable red and blue checked linen napkins, big art books by the likes of pentagram and the aia guide to architecture, it’s easy to find gifts for others or yourself.  they have a nice little kids section with some adorable things like a singing bird tea set, squeezable teddies, stamp sets and even a bow and arrow set (if you need a gun alternative!).

moon river chattel has containers in all materials and all sizes — i was particularly drawn to some enormous glass barrels with a small opening at the top though i have no idea where i would stuff it in our already way too filled up apartment and more importantly what would i put in it (pennies or dog food?).   moon river carries some girly things like avant garde jewellry, some twig pewter decorative letters and fancy italian bioceta bath brushes.

moon river chattel had the nicest terra cotta collection of pots and planters i have seen thus far in my garden hunting this year. i liked the tinge of green mixed in, and they had some plants outside as well.  they had a mini bath supply section, linen curtains and filament bulbs.   i think moon river might be best known for their salvaged furniture (there was a separate spot across the street for most of those pieces).  within this shop, there was a drop dead gorgeous maple table and other dressers and file cabinets, and they apparently do some custom work too.  they had a nice selection of iron looking hardware with more rustic looking knobs and other handles.   the prices weren’t crazy, and if you’re more into the rustic modern look or are planning to open the next rye-like restaurant, moon river chattel will certainly serve you well. moon river chattel, 62 grand street between kent and wythe avenues, brooklyn, new york, 718.388.1121.

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