mile end: a meaty start to the day

the buzz about the montreal-style deli mile end has been going strong weeks before this place even opened this winter, and i was shocked to see that it had reached all the way to pittsburgh where my very reliable counsel for my regular job actually sought it out on a weekend trek to new york — hmmmm, this place must have something going for it other than an amazing publicist. we finally made our way over to mile end a few weeks ago, definitely preparing ourselves for a huge wait, as well as the possibility that they would have run out of the much prized smoked meat — a major draw (you can keep up to date on the meat status by following their twitter feed).

while we did have to wait, mile end gave us a buzzing beeper allowing us to visit our favorite shops nearby like acorn and layla. once we got in, service was spotty (the wait staff weren’t the friendliest) but when we complained about cold fries, the owner i think came over and was super nice and quickly got us some delicious piping hot ones. i had the requisite beef brisket on rye with mustard (not too big, juicy, tender and tasty), and j. got the smoked meat on hash — good but not spectacular. we loved the tiny, spare but warm space (lots of wood and black metal), and i really cannot wait to get another one of mile end’s bagelach pastries which i had never tried before — slightly warm, slightly sweet and flaky and instantly an obsession of mine. with some interesting sandwiches during the week, and hopefully mile end is a little calmer then, i’ll be back with other omnivores to try out the ruth wilensky (salami on an onion roll) and the grandpa (smoked turkey). mile end, 97a hoyt street between atlantic avenue and pacific street, brooklyn, new york, 718.852.7510.

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