resto: regularly excellent, especially that mayo!

resto burger

resto has become a bit of a standby for us.   we always get consistently high quality basics here, and it’s good to have a place like this in the mid 20s.   the hamburgers are excellent — juicy, charbroiled and cooked to order, they ooze some nice juice but the patty holds together.  delicious.  the fries are good too though maybe not my all time favorites (i tend to like the thinner ones) but i really cannot complain about crispness or freshness. they always come right out of the oven.  on our latest visit to resto, i got the moules in a green curry with lemongrass, coconut milk and saffir lime. those mussels were plump and juicy (it really is a drag when you get not so fresh ones, but that just doesn’t happen here) and that sauce was oozing flavor but still light.  the mayonnaise for the frites (always a must for me) was also freshly made and insanely addictive. i don’t want to admit how many tubs of that i went through.

resto exterior

since resto has a belgian pedigree, they have an extensive assortment of belgian beers.  i recently had their st. barnabus witbier which was nice and light.  service tends to be very good, though some waiters can be a bit too chatty if you know what i mean.  i’ve also taken colleagues here for lunch and it was perfect for that too. not terribly fancy, just high quality food with enough variety to deal with everyone’s preferences.   resto, 111 east 29th street between park and lexington avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.685.5585.

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